Denny DePetrillo, MD, FRCSC


Dr. Denny DePetrillo is a founding partner of CAREpath and past President and CEO. His reputation for leadership in the oncology field encompasses service as Head of Surgical Oncology at Princess Margaret Hospital, Coordinator of the Surgical Oncology Network for Cancer Care Ontario, and as the Vice President of Professional Affairs for Cancer Care International. As an in-demand reviewer of oncology programs around the world, he has extensive knowledge of international medicine, cultural diversity and stakeholder relationships.

Dr. DePetrillo received his MD from the University of Ottawa and is a Fellow of Physicians and Surgeons in Canada. He completed his training in Gynaecologic Oncology at the University of Southern California, and subsequently served as Head of Gynaecologic Oncology at McMaster University and the University of Toronto. Dr. DePetrillo is currently serving as Professor Emeritus of Obstetrics & Gynaecology and Surgery at the University of Toronto.

He has received numerous awards, including the Inaugural Presidential Award of the Society of Gynaecologic Oncologists of Canada and the Inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award of the Ontario Medical Association.