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The Cancer Assistance Program provides answers, guidance and support.

We are with your employees and their family every step of the way through their cancer treatment and recovery.

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Seniors' Care Assistance

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Seniors’ Care Assistance Program is the only service in Canada that connects your employees, immediate family, and their parents to a Registered Nurse.

We help them understand their senior care choices and ensure they get the right care every time.

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When a health crisis happens, you don't want your employees without HealthCareAssist.

Powered by CAREpath and Cleveland Clinic, this comprehensive navigation service provides employees and their family guidance through all disease states.

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Your Wellness Partner

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Your Wellness Partner is a confidential, evidenced-based, mental health assessment and counseling service.

We are there every step of the way for employees experiencing any mental health concerns.

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Welcome to CAREpath
The Health Care Navigation System.

CAREpath is the only Canadian Health Care navigation program of its kind offered in Canada.

We have extensive experience in navigating Canadians through the health care system.

"Our job is to empower you with the information you need to know, while providing constant guidance and support throughout your treatment."

To learn more about how our navigation services work please view the video below.

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